Revenue & Yield Management


RMHM is a driving force in hotel revenue management, and with our remote revenue management consulting services we help independent hotels increase their financial performance. We will implement RMHM’ innovative and proven methodology to grow the RevPar and GopPar results of your hotel.

We will benchmark and compare the pricing strategies of the main competitors and the hotel. The study will look at the public prices but will also try to pinpoint negotiated rates such as corporate rates. The benchmarking will show how the hotel is priced competitively and create or revise the pricing grid.

Upon the benchmarking studies, We will review the existing pricing grid or build a new one and recommend pricing strategies to stimulate the demand. Both public prices and negotiated rates with multiple length of stay will be assessed and recommended. Pricing will be recommended per period of demand: low to high periods. Negotiated corporate rates will be reviewed in relation to the production and corporate accounts. The sales team input will be needed.

We will analyse the main competitors of the hotel to assess their price positioning in relation to their products offering and build a SWOT report to show the impact the may have. The report will aim at building the Price – Value relationship that the hotel can provide in front of its main competitors.


  • Rooms and Revenue Management
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Distribution Strategy
  • Adopt a healthy market segmentation for the hotel
  • Assist with budgeting and develop a forecasting model adapted to the market segments
  • Increase revenue by stimulating demand and use existing demand for the destination
  • Push forward the hotel on potential distribution channels to enlarge the demand
  • Optimize direct sales and distribution via website and phone
  • Structure the pricing management
  • Set strategic pricing in terms of public and negotiated rates
  • Handle all Revenue management tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Day by day pricing strategy for one year will be shown (price value per length of stays day by day will be recommended)
  • Pricing strategy per channels of distribution
  • Yield strategies with L.O.S. restrictions on peak periods